The Loft, Massage Therapy

*As a result of Governor Whitmer's executive order, The Loft Massage Therapy will be closed until June 15th 2020. 

Hi my name is Heather Kierczak. I'm the owner of The Loft Massage Therapy and am a nationally certified massage therapist. I'm certified in Neuromuscular
Therapy, Myofascial Therapy & Lymphatic Drainage Massage. I also offer Hot Stone massage & Stone Therapy (using hot & cold stones).

Whether you're looking for relaxation, help with your immune system or relief from chronic pain & injury The Loft Massage Therapy is the place for you.

In addition to my own practice I've worked at the University of Michigan hospital as a massage therapist. I truly enjoyed working with the inpatients, staff and guests at the hospital but nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction I receive from owning my own business.

I worked in the insurance business for ten years and the amount of surgeries and addictions to pain medication that I saw further convinced me that there has to be a better way to deal with pain management. I started looking into avenues for pain management and found massage therapy. This is my true passion and I am so happy to have such a fulfilling career.

I have many clients who have dealt with chronic pain for years and have thought they had no choice but to deal with the pain and use medication to get thru the day. It's truly amazing to see firsthand the difference therapeutic massage can make in relieving pain and stress.